Buffalo State required that we went through the entire process of finding a gallery, renting it out, and displaying a whole new set of work all on our own. We needed to produce all of the promotional material for the show as well. For my senior exhibition, I chose to design an entire board game based off of graphic design history.

Without having the pieces that would be displayed in the gallery totally thought out, I wanted to be able to just get the overall basic theme across in my promotional material. I tried to show board game in the most eye-catching way possible. Most of my work has very bold typography, so I stuck with that in my promotional material. We were allowed to choose anything for our exhibition. I chose to do a board game and all of its pieces because I have never seen it done before in the classes before me. I thought it was a creative way to show off my design abilities without displaying it through the obvious. No one really realizes the design that goes into board games while playing them.

For my exhibition, I designed the logo, the board game itself, the packaging for the game, two sets of game cards, the game money, and a magazine advertisement for the game. After a lot of time and research spent on the overall idea of graphic design history, I decided that I wanted my game to mimic a mini gallery. When I think of galleries, I think of wooden floors and clean white walls. This is why you see the wood texture used. The little characters were different colored people and I wanted it to be as if they were walking through and looking at the artwork that each designer created. Each color on the board represented a different era in graphic design history with designers from that era. I picked my favorite piece from each of these designers and cropped, simplified, and vectorized each one. I used a more muted color palate on the spaces so that the colors in the small design pieces stood out the most.

The money was based off of CMYK colors and the cards go back to just black and white which is seen a lot throughout the board and packaging. Since the game is a design theme, designers all know that everything needs to work in black and white first, which is why it is used often.

It was a very long, creative process to create all of the elements of a board game, but it really tested my design skills in an unique way.

  • Category: Game Board Design, Branding
  • Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop