I think this particular project really shows how I continuously think outside of the box.  The assignment was to design a clock or light fixture in autodesk Maya.  From there, we had to take the product we created and make a magazine advertisement for it.  With football always on my mind, I took a very different approach then what my classmates chose.  The front of the Koozie Klock has an analog clock on it that resembles a football field while the back would digitally countdown to game time.

I wanted the ad to reflect a time where this product would be very useful. It would be useful when someone is out grilling for their guests where they could very easily lose track of time.  The shadow the product is casting over the grill is a shape of a football. I wanted to be playful with the typography in the ad while still having it less prominent than the product itself.

  • Category: 3D Rendering, Advertising
  • Programs Used: autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator